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Jesus said he would build local communities which would be a picture of his life-transforming Good News to a watching world. That’s what a church is supposed to be, and we just are one of those.

We are a picture of that Good News, not because we have any experience of being sorted, but because we have experienced forgiveness through Jesus’ death and resurrection. And now we are asking him to change us bit by bit so that people in Streatham get to see how wonderful he is.

We long for more people to join us, to experience that life-transforming, community-building forgiveness, and get to know Jesus with us as we listen to his voice in the Bible – God’s living word, through real people, to us today.


The church is headed up by Alex Lyell, the full-time pastor, and Andy Bushell, a member of the congregation. They’re nothing special, in fact the Bible says they’re not even the ministers, they’re just here to equip the members of the church to be ministers of the truth about Jesus in their everyday lives. (Ephesians 4)


Alex is married to Lucy and they have three children – Finn, Henry, and Eliza. For the four years to summer 2014 he was part-time Assistant Minister at Christ Church Balham, while studying at theological college. Before that he worked in the city for 7 years doing Fund Management. Although Alex studied History at Oxford, he’s not very good at reading or writing! But he is very good at faffing!


Andy is married to Anna with their two daughters – Katie, who arrived on the scene in 2015, and Bethany, who was born in 2017. After growing up in Bangladesh he lived in London through university and settled in Streatham in 2011, meeting Anna through church and getting married in 2013. Andy currently works as a pilot, flying people around Europe when he’s not indulging his techy side or playing with motorbikes.


Charlotte works with women in Streatham from all sorts of different backgrounds and cultures and loves to open up discussion with them from the Bible. Previously she worked as a research scientist at the Institute of Cancer Research and Imperial College in the field of Cancer Research. Charlotte is married to Ed and they have a son, Nathan. They enjoy having people over, comedy and chatting with people about who Jesus is.

The best way to get to know us is to meet us. Why not come along to a Sunday gathering? We meet at Henry Cavendish Primary School, Dingley Lane, SW16 2AZ from 10am. 

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